How I was able to see private profile picture of any WhatsApp Business user.

About Facebook Business Manager

Small to large businesses use Business Manager to organise their business assets and information in one place. We can use Business Manager to control our Facebook assets and make sure that the right people have the correct access.

Business Manager Admin can only add assets which has owned by him or has given permission by asset Admin. Assets include Facebook Page, Ad accounts, Instagram accounts, Facebook Applications and WhatsApp accounts.

In order to add a Whatsapp Business account Business Manager Admin needs to enter WhatsApp Mobile number and verify the five digits code sent to number.

What was Bug here ?

The endpoint for linking WhatsApp numbers to Business Manager lacked sufficient rate limiting protections, Which allowed an Attacker to link any Whatsapp Business account to Business Manager.

What data was disclosed ?

It could have allowed an Attacker to reading the profile information, Which also includes “Profile Picture”(regardless the privacy setting of Profile Picture).

Timeline :

Reported : 23 September 2020

Triaged : 24 September 2020

Fixed : 29 September 2020




Security Researcher

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Sameer Rao

Sameer Rao

Security Researcher

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